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סל הקניות ריק

מחסום זרוע חשמלי CF4

מחסום זרוע דגם : Mahsomit _02-K
5580,00 ₪
תיאור המוצר


מחיר לא כולל התקנה :          5580 ש"ח

להזמנות חייגו : 052-2214167

Product Description

Automatic Barrier, Barrier Gate, Parking Equipment, Access Control  1. Durable: Made of 2.0 rolled steel sheet, It can be used up to 6 years in normal condition 2. Perfect finish: High- class car painting 3. Convinient: Remove control and manual operation ( in case of power off) available 4. Cost-saving: Special structure to reduce mechanicreakdown and maintenance free. 5. Reliable: Magnet sensing limit control with high sensibility, reliable and accurate 6. Outstanding: Special balance device to keep the boom work properly  7. Saftey: Advanced motor with thermal protection 8. LED traffic light available

  Supply Voltage   AC220V+/-10%  or AC110V
  Power Frequency   50/60Hz
  Rated Power   60 W
  Rated Speed   1500r/min
  Rated Torque   35N. m
  Standard Lever Length   3--6m
  Noise   < =60dB
  Rising/Falling Time   3s--6s
  Service Life 5 million times 
  Error Action   < =0.01%
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